| Blog
A fully functioning blog with photos, video embeds, and text. Registered users can comment on each blog post.

| Countdown
Customize a live countdown to your next event of your choosing.

| About
Include information about your ministry as well as add staff photos and profiles.

| Events
Add events and watch them appear on the home page as well as the events page. Also include forms with events as needed.

| Small Groups
List all of your Small Groups with the needed information, including a link to Google Maps for easy directions.

| Media
Display your photos with an in-browser gallery, as well as embed your latest videos from Vimeo or YouTube. Also add desktops, forms, files, and more.

| Pray For Me™
Students can post prayer requests and also acknowledge that they are praying for a certain request.

| DevoBlog™
Students can Blog about their devotional life as well as post goals that they have.

| Get Involved
Add get involved groups where students can join and view their pages, such as Small Groups, Ministry Teams, and More.

| Email Invite [ customizable ]
Students can easily send a customized html email invite to their friends, complete with custom header image.

| Webcam Photo Capture
  [ student/leader sign up ]
Use any webcam to capture profile pictures of students/leaders when they are registered.

| Attendance Tracker
  [ barcode ready ]
Track student attendance via barcode, user ID, or name.

| Instant Follow Up
A custom follow up email is sent to new students the moment they are registered, complete with custom header image.

| Student Events
Students can add their own events to their profile, allowing leaders/students opportunity to attend. [ sports, drama, etc. ]